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Appetizers From Portobello Panini to Hot Lemony Shrimp ... discover how a appetizers can be exciting as entrees.
Salads With the right presentation and the right dressing, lettuce can be a captivating part of any meal.
Side Dishes This is not your mom's steamed broccoli. Discover or rediscover the joy of vegetables and greens.
Entrees From Turkey Tetrazzini to Garlic & Ginger Tri Tip ... your taste buds never knew what they had been missing.
Desserts Desserts can be as simple as Chambord Strawberries or do something exciting with flame and Grilled Fruit.
More Recipes You never know what you will find in this category. Mango and Orange Smoothies anyone?

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Arsenii's Featured Recipes Discover even more simple yet wonderful recipes that just about anyone can prepare. Fine cuisine is no longer reserved for an expensive night on the town.

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Explore Episodes from Arsenii's Show From Appetizers to Dessert ... and everything in between. Enjoy episodes from the "Cooking with Arsenii" show. Eating well no longer means that you have to give up taste and presentation or spend an entire day in the kitchen.

Watch and learn how to simplify the creation of award winning meals in your own home in no time at all.

Arsenii's Mission

• To provide people with easy-to-cook and nutritious meals that taste great.
• To further the public's knowledge of what great food can be.
• To give people the desire to share their knowledge with family and friends.

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