It Takes A Team To Make This Happen


Prepared to Serve tens of thousands of people daily


2 personable and energetic hosts
1 Slew of amazing recipes that are easy to prepare
1 television state-of-the-art broadcast television studio
1 video production company that believes in the project
1 Producer, Director, Floor Director
1 cast of camera operators, set dressers and technical support
10 hours of pre-production for each show
3 hours of recording and re-recording for each show
6 hours of post-production and editing for each show
1 Tireless website designer with a high pain threshhold
salt & pepper to taste


Once the videos have been prepared that is only the beginning of the recipe.
Add multiple meetings to determine the strategy to serve up these shows to the world.
A first itteration of the website will need to be created and tested to find out what works well and what needs improvement for the final website. You will then have to start from scratch to have a website that is fast, informational, and a pleasure to visit. After countless hours have gone into the creation of a completely revamped website, you will then be ready to showcase Arsenii's reciepies.

Heat up a medium sauté pan with olive oil. Simmer and serve to local cable audiences and then also to countless viewers on the internet worldwide. For details on the cast and crew that makes this all possible, simply watch the credits at the end of every show.

Serve and Enjoy